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Going the extra mile and offering an extra inch!

Mar 26, 2014

thinkingbricks has always had excellent customer service at the centre of it’s business. Sometimes, it takes a crisis to prove what that means in reality.

When one of our customers called to say that their media room 3D screen was not working, we worked out a way to get one of our engineers to site the very next morning.

An impending children’s party (where 3D was on the invite as the highlight of the event!) added to the urgency!

Sure enough, the remote control confirmed that the 3D function was no longer working. After a thorough check through of the system, including the 3D HD distribution system and AV rack, we identified that the 3D sensor in the screen had failed.

To help us support our clients, thinkingbricks maintains a great relationship with a number of distributors for a number of it’s products.

When thinkingbricks supply screens, we do so with a number of different warranty options, for peace of mind.

Due to the size of the screen (63in) we had taken an onsite warranty to ensure any problems were dealt with if they ever occurred.

Via the distributor, the manufacturer arranged a warranty visit as soon as the client was able to be at home. Sure enough, they agreed with our diagnosis.

Rather than just fix the sensor, the thinkingbricks warranty meant the screen could be swapped out, new for old.

The screen was just six months old, but with the fast turnaround of the TV industry, had been replaced with a newer model.

So…the next day, a 64in screen was delivered as a direct replacement and thinkingbricks were available to re-install and reconnect the screen.

Needless to say, the party delivered for the kids and the parents were all happy too.

HD, 3D, an extra inch and popcorn all round into the bargain, courtesy of thinkingbricks.

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