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Keep taking the tablets…

Apr 16, 2014

thinkingbricks is pleased to announce the final release of it’s Apple device control platform. Matt and Aaron have both been working hard, to give your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone the power to control your home entertainment, lighting control and heating systems, with a simple tap or swipe!

With one of the leading new control systems companies in the US, we can now offer a bespoke control systems service for our customers, offering the control codes and other home control protocols from a variety of manufacturers TV screens, 3D Blu-ray and DVD players, lighting control equipment, Sky HD, home cinema amplifiers, etc etc.

thinkingbricks has now developed a set of simple, clear icons which appear on your Apple device, delivering you simple navigation and control of your systems.

By tilting the device, the control screen changes to offer further buttons (for example numbers for entering Sky channels directly, or more advanced Blu-ray player commands).

Customer feedback has been great so far, with a variety of clients, systems and ages using the iPad or their iPhone for far more than they ever expected.

Mr. P from London commented: “I am blown away by this, it is so simple to use. The kids use their iPhones for controlling the HD Sky box from their rooms, whilst I can navigate and select tracks from my iTunes library with just two or three touches! The fact that I can add this control to other devices, with a phone call to thinkingbricks, is just amazing. I know technology is very clever these days, but thinkingbricks have really made it work for us.”

Mr and Mrs F from Cambridge added: “We had never owned an iPad, and were nervous to take such a big step to bring one into our new home.
The thinkingbricks control function allows us to access our growing CD library, which we are gradually moving to iTunes.
We have found it easy to use and bring up internet radio, control our Virgin HD box and also operate the home cinema system, which we had feared would be beyond us. Since we have had the iPad version, we have added the control to an iPod Touch and it works easily and is familiar.”

With plans to offer a similar system which will cover Android devices (the operating system for many non-Apple smart phones and tablet PCs), thinkingbricks is making taking the tablets a pleasant experience!

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