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Jun 13, 2014

Working in the South of France, thinkingbricks ensures a second home now has the simplest system - ready for sun drenched entertainment on arrival with Control4...

thinkingbricks has worked abroad a number of times, and is always happy to help an existing client from the UK with their second (or third, or fourth) residences.

Following the successful completion of two properties in London, thinkingbricks were called to discuss an existing system in the family villa in St. Paul de Vence, Southern France.

The system was frustrating, out of date and rarely worked - making trips for a restful break more of a battle of wills with the technology.

A site survey, completed in one day, uncovered what had become a nest of cables and the result of attempts by a number of previous teams of "AV guys" from both UK and France, to get things working - with no avail.

Back at the UK office, breaking down the equipment, and deciding what could stay and what would need replacing was the first step.

With the agreement of the client, Control4 was selected as the core solution, as the family were familiar with the "BIG RED BUTTON" approach that makes Control4 so simple to operate.

By adding an Artison SL55 soundbar to replace the very tired (and rather small) front speakers in the cinema room, the room is now more of a proper cinema zone, with Sky HD and Blu-ray.

With a little investigation of the grounds, and the right cable and expertise, the patio, tennis court and pool are now a great place to sit with background music - perhaps a little Debussy or with Villa Nelcotte nearby, some Rolling Stones?

All controlled by the Control4 system.

thinkingbricks, although hot and understandably tired after the long drive, felt proud to have bought such a great second home back on board for a valued customer, and give them a far more enjoyable and relaxing place to stay.

Nice work, bricks!


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