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Round the world – on the hunt for knowledge!

Sep 13, 2014

In the rapidly changing world of technology, and working with a number of different systems in many of our installs, thinkingbricks commits to continuing professional development for all our employees.

Matt works extensively on Education for CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) in the UK.

Ian regularly presents the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) CPD course on Home Technology to architects, interior designers and M&E consultants.

Aaron is CEDIA EST (Electronic Systems Technician certified. Stephen is ISF & HAA Level 1 Certified.

We have passed our Electrotechnical Certification Helath & Safety exams....

We believe in walking the talk when it comes to knowing our stuff.

Following on from successful trips to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and presenting and contributing to the UK Home Technology Event, thinkingbricks is starting to build a relationship with CEDIA members across the Atlantic.

Attending the US CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis last year, we have taken the great opportunity to meet with a number of our colleagues and exchange best practice and experiences.

As many systems we use were invented and are manufactured in the US, the visit also enables us to see the newest versions and talk directly with the technical teams to get under the bonnet of the systems we design, install and maintain for our customers in the UK.

The smart home arena is more advanced in the United States and Canada, due to fact that it has been developing solidly for around 25 years, and is reaching a stage where it is standard fit in far more US consumers homes than in Europe.

This gives us a great opportunity to see how we should approach our own market, and which technologies have worked well with other system integrators (the US term for what we do!) and for their clients.

Hopefully, our knowledge and experience (as well as our increasing network of colleagues worldwide) means we can offer great results for our clients, be they our end user customer or any of our partners (architects, interior designers, electrical engineers, electricians, property developers) in delivering the latest and the greatest home technology into UK homes!

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