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Mar 18, 2014

In a job like ours, we frequently can get rather glazed expressions on the faces of friends and family, as we explain the latest advance in high definition this, and super fast that. A side effect of being passionate about what we do, and loving the sounds of our own voices!

But it is something we make every effort to avoid when talking about systems with our clients.

One key aspect of what thinkingbricks offers customers is “techno-translation” of the key elements of modern home technology.

With all the different approaches and options available, it can be a real minefield especially when specifying / quoting a new system for a customer. This is equally applicable to our private residential customers with a single “dream home project” as it is to our property developer clients, where they need to understand a standard fit technology specification and how that appeals and caters to their potential buyers.

It is really important for us to be clear about what can, and what cannot, be done with technology. It is so easy to say yes to everything. The key is to make informed choices about the various systems involved in smart homes, but from the point of view of what is most important for the client.

That is why we developed the thinkingbricks Top Ten Tips document. Our clients find it really helps to go through a series of logical steps, and generate a brief to us from their decisions. Working with their plans, they can highlight what they want to achieve across their project and then send it through to us for an initial discussion, and ballpark quote work.

For a copy of the thinkingbricks Top Ten Tips, please call 01480 479358 and ask for Stephen during office hours!

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