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“archi-tech” – smart home technology bulletins for the building professional

Mar 17, 2014

A brand new revision of the thinkingbricks website ( is reaching out to professionals and homeowners alike, who are thinking about how they can include future connectivity, integrated entertainment, security and control into their client’s, or their own, building project.

Be it multi-room audio, video distribution, home cinema, lighting control, home broadband and telephone networks or home automation, thinkingbricks have plain English advice and support documents to help.

A new focussed client’s zone for professionals such as architects, property developers and building services (Mechanical & Electrical) consultants, thinkingbricks are providing useful “smart home” know-how and information, to help them develop relationships with future colleagues and clients alike.

Home technology can offer a huge scope of choices – from single room installations such as a home cinema, media room or games room to whole house networking for satellite TV, video and music. It can also integrate a number of systems, linking standard everyday use systems such as TV/satellite, broadband and telephone into automated lighting controls and security through to heating and ventilation.

And the pace of change and the levels of new technology being introduced is incredible. It is fair to say that systems that we all use everyday, such as broadband and TV represent a “standard fit” expectation for many homeowners, or potential home buyers. A new home, or renovated property, without some thought paid to an integrated system to send TV (satellite or digital freeview), internet and telephone connectivity to the main habitable rooms doesn’t really promise comfortable access to basic technology in future.

Project Director at thinkingbricks, Ian Trudgeon said “ We find that our clients and a lot of the professionals we work with see what we do as the way forward in building or renovating a modern home. But many professionals such as architects, M&E consultants and interior designers don’t have time to research all the options, provide answers to client’s technology questions, or keep themselves up to date on the developments that are constantly happening in this field. When they are asked by their clients to give ideas, it often results in them giving “old fashioned” information, which they tell us can generate disappointed or disillusioned clients as end users. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing in our industry.”

He continues “..we have been delivering a number of professional education meetings across London, the Home Counties and East Anglia. We have had a number of questions raised by the audience, so we decided to put in place a regular newsletter answering those questions. We plan to update every two months with fresh Technology Bulletins for our fellow professionals. We hope that by answering the real life questions raised by the audience at the seminars, that we will give relevant information and ensure that it up to date.”

As well as the professional focus of the new website, there are useful documents such as the thinkingbricks top ten tips (a useful series of steps to working out which technology are required and where and how it will ultimately be integrated and installed in to a project) , a series of example quotes for the types of systems available and the company portfolio of projects.

The first edition of the technology bulletin also has a simple competition and chance to win a “very familiar piece of entertainment technology”.

About thinkingbricks Limited:
A CEDIA Electronic Systems Professional Member company since 2005, thinkingbricks Limited provide professional advise, system design and all aspects of installation and support for a number of home technology systems. These include home networking (TV, satellite, telephone), multi room audio and audio visual, home cinema, lighting control, heating and ventilation, access control and entry systems, as well as integrated system control. Alongside the systems, they provide initial consultancy, design and quotation services, first and second fix cable installation, systems training and maintenance support.

Ian Trudgeon, Director
thinkingbricks Limited – 01480 479357

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