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Project managing and delivering the final fit and finish of an interior is tough...

Planning and working with a broad team of contractors to make the most of the space, and stamp the client’s personality on their home has a variety of challenges.

Frequently, our interior design and interior decorator clients ask us to take care of the integration of home technology, and make sure it fits with the overall look and feel of the interior, on deadline and on budget...

Our interior design clients need a specialist subcontractor that they can trust.

TV, broadband, music, security, home cinema – at thinkingbricks, we understand that our equipment needs to fit the client’s needs.

Developing an accurate scope for the project is our first step.

Knowing what will be essential to enjoy the property, and incorporating touches of  “techno-luxury” is the secret to working out the equipment required.

Communicating and delivering the required design, and project managing how it is delivered and integrated with the entire design team is a key strength of thinkingbricks.

Be it working with bespoke cabinetry to accomodate the centralised AV equipment, designing a way to disguise the TV or speakers from view or just making sure the chosen outlets match the door finishes and power sockets are all part of the job.

With our lighting control systems, the colours and mood of the interior can change throughout the day, automatically or at the touch of a button.

Our cinema systems include projectors and screens that can retract back into ceilings when not in use, or art coverings for the speakers as well as custom furniture to make sure the client is comfortable.

Delivering the right style of technology, on the right schedule, at the right budget – thinkingbricks, the right home technology design and install partner.

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