From design
to perfection

Project Process

We're often asked about the journey from an initial idea to a completed system. It really is quite simple. It starts when you give us a call on 01480 479357 or send us an email and then...

the initial consultation

Square One: A simple conversation about the technology involved without the jargon, focussing on the project and client’s requirements and the building itself.

the scope...

A needs analysis and specification is prepared for the project, as a simple spreadhseet to review, which lists out the systems required, points per room / area and a total scope for the project.

Client input, alongside further advice and product information, ensures EXACTLY the right specification is agreed.

The quote...

Using the agreed needs analysis, we produce a full quotation for the design, equipment and installation required.

This is broken down into the separate system quotes (for example TV & satellite distribution, multi-room audio for 8 rooms), and outlines the costs for the overall project.

We also breakdown the labour and VAT for each system, so everything is included.

the contract and design...

Producing a design for the agreed system is the next step. A design agreement will be issued and then it is onwards into the design stage.

The system design is used to ensure the right cabling is supplied and run through the property to the right location, by the nominated electrical contractor for the project.

Once the cabling is in place using the design, thinkingbricks will then check through the actual cabling on site against the design - a crucial stage in the installation.

When first fix has been signed off as complete, the fee schedule and job sheet for your second fix installation are prepared. Once agreed, the final installation date is set and the invoice for the equipment for the installation is issued for payment.

the install and commissioning...

thinkingbricks team of installers will visit site to terminate the cabling in the hub and at the relevant points around the house. We will also install other equipment relevant to the systems, including AV racking, speakers, or lighting control equipment.

The final stage involves the most expensive equipment (central system controllers, audio and video sources, screens etc.) being installed into the system, so this is timed to arrive into the best possible environment (free from damp / dust).

Then the full system will be programmed and tested, so that it is ready to use (the commissioning stage).

the training and sign off...

There is no merit in installing a system that never gets used, because it is “too complicated” or “I’m scared of it!”. thinkingbricks are dedicated to ensuring clients can use their systems straight away and making systems as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

Alongside comprehensive documentation / instruction we undertake a system signoff and walkthrough, ensuring the user is up and running, confident and capable using the system. 

And that's it! Simple.

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