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What is multi-room audio?

With "multi-room" audio systems, you can choose:

  • the music you want to hear
  • the space where you want the music played
  • the order the music is played in - hey, DJ!
  • what volume you want to hear

Paloma Faith in the bathroom, Miles Davis in the lounge, One Direction in the kitchen…whoever your top 10 artists may be, you can make them all guests in your home!

Select different music for different rooms with handheld contols (including smartphones or tablet PCs) or a range of wall mounted controls to suit any décor or budget. Choose an Napster audio stream, a favourite album or radio station playing across all rooms at once for parties – no problem.

Release your digital music, from a hard drive or audio server within your home network.

With new “Cloud” internet based backups, you can be sure your music is safe and backed up for security.

We pride ourselves on our expertise of speaker technology, and the science that goes behind how we hear music.

The speakers and amplifiers represent key parts of any thinkingbricks multi-room system. Choose the locations for speakers – recessed into the ceiling, flush mounted on the walls or suspended in the corners of the room.

Make your iPod feel at home…

New generation multi-room audio systems have welcomed the iPod as a source of audio.

Use your iPod as a music server, navigate your iTunes library via either a TV screen, an in-wall keypad or handheld remote control. Plug your iPod into the docking station in the kitchen, or master bedroom to share music around the house, or listen to someone else’s “guilty pleasures” from their iPod in another room.

Just add video…

Movie Lover? TV Addict?

Alongside networks music systems, share your movie collection across multiple screens around the property. With a range of formats from satellite TV, Bluray and high definition video from devices such as Apple TV, the design and installation of HD future ready video networks is a specialist skill in our company.

As early adopters and installers of HDMI video networks for many clients, we have the necessary test equipment, experience and knowledge to deliver full HD and 3D video everywhere you need it.

Equally important is the phenomenon of internet streaming, both for TV shows and also for movies.

With the correct cabling designed and ready, a thinkingbricks multi-room AV system will deliver full access to:

  • online movie subscriptions
  • rental and playback of HD movies
  • catch up TV via a range of international TV content, including BBC iPlayer and Sky subscription channels.

All controlled with simple, intuitive remote controls. All available via the TV screen, the laptop, the smart phone, the tablet PC.

Even when you are away from home, thinkingbricks can put you in touch with content held on your own set top box or CCTV cameras at home, from your hotel room or the poolside!

Just call Ian at thinkingbricks on 01480479357 to find out how!

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