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At thinkingbricks we are committed to making your system really simple to use.

Using a custom programmed remote control, an iPad or even your iPhone we ensure that your whole house system can be easily operated with one touch.

Control4 you…

It is easy to cover your coffee table with remote controls: one for the TV, another for the Sky box, yet more for the Bluray, Apple TV, the audio system...

Using our preferred control system partner, Control4, you have dedicated control for each room. All you need to do is to select what you want to WATCH, LISTEN or LIGHTING to from the remote!

Your remote control doesn’t just stop at controlling the TV.

With more advanced whole control, thinkingbricks are able to offer a range of simple automation. Even devices you already own can become control devices, such the iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone.

Our systems are capable of controlling:

  • Intelligent lighting systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Multi room audio systems
  • High definition distribution
  • CCTV

Complete remote support

Within the central AV rack within the home, the core Control4 equipment allows us to help you add a new iPad or remote to the control system, simply with the right username and password!

We always carry out basic training with all the users for the system, and will walk through how to use your new remote, at your pace!

Complete remote support allows us to update your control systems quickly, efficiently and more cost effectively than booking an on-site programmer visit.

For more information on thinkingbricks controls, please contact Ian at thinkingbricks on 01480 479357.

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