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Home Automation

At thinkingbricks, we believe in keeping the cost of running your home to a minimum, while enjoying all the benefits a smart home system brings.

  • Forget the traditional plug in timer. Automation means your home is able to detect exactly the right time when a light needs to go on, or your heating is to be activated.
  • Set up the lighting to save 20% energy across the house. We can easily achieve this for you remotely by real time programming of your system to reduce the cost without you noticing the difference

By pulling together all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning into one easy to use control system, you really can have the ultimate in control of your smart home.

Think thinkingbricks…

Working with thinkingbricks will prove that expertise, specialist design and quality installation delivers the right home automation solution for you. Previous and existing customers will endorse that fact.

A thinkingbricks installation (above all other factors) will match the client’s needs, now and in the future.

Great design and technical knowledge is nothing without the practical ability to install. thinkingbricks prides itself on the standard of workmanship, and finding creative solutions that deliver to the highest specification.

thinkingbricks is driven by a real passion for technology, home automation and a keen focus on the highest possible customer service with right first time installations.

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