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Lighting Control

Lighting is essential – think about how you would live without light.
Think about how you feel when you see light change at sunset, in candlelight or in the audience at a concert with all the various lighting effects in place...

Setting the scene…

By controlling the lights in your house, you will be able to come home and with one touch, establish the mood you need from the rooms you want. Using coloured lighting, the room can be decorated with the flick of a switch, rather than the sweep of a brush…

Adjust the settings to make your lighting infinitely changeable, to suit everything around you.

Using established lighting control systems is core to delivering reliable and impactful lighting control for our clients.

We recommend Rako and Lutron Homeworks QS, depending on the requirements of the installation.

Green and lean

Installing intelligent lighting has an ecological angle. Around 60-70% of the energy lost from a UK home is through either heating or lighting the building inefficiently.

Sensibly programmed dimming and controlling your lighting will give you:

  • lower electricity bills
  • lighting that will last longer
  • a clear conscience, regarding climate change.

Using sensors linked into your lighting controls, you can ensure that the lights are turned off when there is no-one in the room.

Secure in the knowledge

Lighting control systems can ensure that you always come home to a secure and well lit home. When you are away on holiday, your lighting can replay the last two weeks lighting use in the home, to give the illusion of the home being used.

With whole house control, one button (at the bedside) can be used to light every room if you hear an unwelcome bump in the night.

If you have seen the light, then please contact Stephen Gough at thinkingbricks to discuss how to control your lighting... on 01480 479358

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