Broadband & WiFi Networks

It is fair to say the latest ESSENTIAL service for many of us is broadband and WiFi.

It provides connectivity throughout our homes, to a wide range of content.

With access to high speed copper and fibre networks commonplace across the world,  handling an increasing number of devices and requirements in a home technology installation is key.

The platform for useful and enjoyable home technology systems is a connection to the Internet of Things, either via a hardwired or Wifi network.

That is why we are experts in the development and provision of broadband for our installations and our clients.

Wired or Wifi - flexible, fast and reliable

Depending on the requirements for the system, a mix of hardwired outlets across the property provide locations where devices can be plugged directly into the network.

They also offer a connection for Wifi access points (WAPs), installed to provide stronger, faster Wifi connections for smart phones, tablets & AV devices such as TVs and media streaming devices.

All wired back into a central hub area, the main internet router and network switches can be stored out of sight.

Remote network support

Keeping a reliable and solid broadband connection is important.

We can offer a range of industry proven network equipment to strengthen the network.

From a replacement router through to high speed ethernet switches and power management,  we have a range of remote support as an option to our clients.

From just ensuring that the connection is reliable and in line with the speeds expected, right through to being able to reset, reboot and rectify simple issues, our partner products deliver an “always on” experience.

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