Digital & Satellite TV

Digital & Satellite TV that just works

Sometimes, it is just nice to have time in front of the TV.

Maybe it is time for a favourite weekly dose of reality,  a chance to cheer for your team or to watch a blockbuster from the comfort of the sofa.

Making sure a range of signals are available is part of the thinkingbricks basic infrastructure for today’s smart home or building.

Digital Freeview or Freesat offer subscription free access to a basic TV platform – in standard and high definition


"Television is chewing gum for the eyes" - Frank Lloyd Wright

UK Sky and other world satellite services deliver the latest TV shows, sports and family based packages, normally with a monthly fee.

Either way, the right cabling and equipment (inside and out) are required to deliver these to a single home or multiple apartments (via an IRS system)

Using the power of light, our fibreoptic based systems are ready for the future of TV – whatever that becomes…


Smart TV services

With so many of the traditional broadcasters now providing online streaming services, connections for TV outlets need to include a hardwired connection to the Internet.

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