Home Automation - the right way

Handling home automation

Home automation means your home becomes able to detect exactly the right time that a light needs to go on, or heating or cooling is required.

Managing the building is not the only reason to integrate systems.

Selection of a certain entertainment mode can also trigger a series of events – dim lighting, drop the big screen, turn on the projector in the cinema or play a favourite playlist and link that to the key rooms for a party mode.

By linking the systems securely to the internet, you can view, change and check the property anywhere – the ultimate in control of your smart home.

Your control, your way.

With a range of sensors throughout, the building can start to enhance your lifestyle from Day One.

Automatic seasonal lighting & security scenes for peace of mind…

A one button for “movie night” in the home cinema…

Welcome home scenes for music…

Personalised TV channels available on a single page in the menu…

– it can be the simplest automation that gives the highest satisfaction.

thinkingbricks will prove that expertise, specialist design and quality installation delivers the right home automation solution for you.

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