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Home Cinema Design and Installation


Professional home cinema installation is key to realising your dream. Your favourite movie…the soundtrack perfectly produced by integrated speakers, stunning 4K HD video on a big screen, in a perfectly lit, comfortable environment.

Immersed in the thick of the action or reliving the emotion, enjoy the latest blockbuster or the film you have loved for years.

That is what thinkingbricks delivers with it’s expertise in home cinema.

Surround yourself with sound

Our home cinema installation introduces the latest AV processors and amplifiers:

  • Rain from above on the leaves in the jungle makes you feel as if you are there

  • Monsters really do creep up from behind the sofa

  • The train on the screen passes right through the room

  • Explosions make your chest rumble, and you can feel the shrapnel whistle past your ears.

Eyes front!

Home cinema is nothing without a big, clear image – delivered using the latest technology:

  • For the cutting edge, razor sharp image – 2K and 4K High Definition LED and OLED TV screens, 65in and beyond

  • 4K D-ILA and Laser cinema projectors, on static or electric lifts, with the latest high performance, automated or fixed projection screens.

  • Picture perfection – with sources such as 4k satellite services, Blu-ray or streamed content via Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Xbox & Playstation

  • Professionally adjusted by ISF calibration, you see amazingly accurate colours, all fine tuned and more importantly – EXACTLY as the director intended.

Customised & comfortable

We offer everything from the initial home cinema design, through to the sourcing of the right combination of components, and the final installation of everything you need to relax and enjoy your very own cinema.

Custom made cabinetry to house the components….

Simple, intuitive remote or touchscreen control of the lighting and equipment with a single tap setting the room up for you….

Helping to specify the seating for the cinema… thinkingbricks can help at every step.

A thinkingbricks home cinema installation gives you an experience that delivers so much more than you can expect.

Our expert engineers work across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire as well as Central and Greater London but also cover a wider area if required. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your dream a reality.

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