Flexible audio, your way...

Streaming audio provides the ultimate music library at your finger tips.

Beethoven in the bathroom, The Stones in the lounge, Amy Winehouse in the kitchen…your choice, your room.

Be the DJ, with playlists of your favourites or subscription services automatically suggesting music you might like

Relax with background ambience or….crank the volume for a party to remember!

Discrete integrated speakers in the wall or ceiling, centrally installed power amplifiers. Nothing to see, all you need to do is select and listen – simple.

"I have a stream..."

Bringing your favourite TV show episode, series box set or blockbuster movie into your AV system has never been so easy.

With simple control, the screen turns on, the menu appears and the choice of content is available to you.

iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube…the list goes on.

Super slim OLED TV screens, wall mounted or in specific cabinetry, you have access to a global library of  TV and movie content, easily navigated by a handheld remote.

"...it's chewing gum for the eyes."

Satellite TV, Bluray and high definition video streaming….

With the correct cabling designed and ready, our multi-room AV systems offer multi-screen access to:

  • HD and 4K satellite and terrestrial TV channels, from your subscription and set top box(es)
  • rental and playback of HD movies in HD and Ultra HD, with devices such as Apple TV
  • catch up services to a range of UK & international TV shows, via TV based apps and media streaming devices

All controlled with simple, intuitive remote controls.

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