Some of the brands we trust

A variety of equipment, across any number of systems: building a list of trusted components from reputable manufacturers is key to the success of the final results.

What seems so easy in the adverts, requires professional knowledge and experience over many years, of equipment that is proven to work with other control systems.

As new technologies and some consumer “tech” products arrive and evolve, we need to know what is required and how to integrate these into our systems, at design and install stage.

Solid, reliable networks and Wi-fi, enabling AV and control devices to communicate correctly time after time, is key to providing systems where multiple devices communicate within the “Internet of Things”.

Amazon, Google and Apple all offer devices with voice control or advanced functions via the use of Apps, as part of a home technology platform.

A TV screen from one brand, a media streamer from another and audio amplifiers from another – all require a way to shake hands and play nicely with each other.

Our suppliers offer full certification / technical documents for all their cables, so that we and our clients can be assured of the quality and performance of the backbone of their networks and infrastructure.

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