Past history, future ready

One of our largest prime residential installations to date, within a couple of streets from two other completed projects.

Starting approximately 3 years prior, the project had started with an enquiry from one of our Mechanical & Electrical consultant contacts.

They had been approached by a mutual Project Management / Quantity Surveying company, on a project to modernise a Grade Listed building in Central London.

A building with an interesting background, as a headquarters for various institutes and professional bodies, the European developer wanted to ensure the very best final fit-out, from the interior finishes right through to the overall standard of technology available to the eventual buyer.

Top to bottom, top specification

Cutting a long story short, we provided full tender specification, scope of works and costed proposal for:

  • Full structured cabling for broadband (wired and wireless) across the property
  • Fibre optic network for European and World satellite TV
  • Lutron lighting and automation, including integration of future blind and curtain control
  • Multi room audio and video distribution – through key receptions and the bedrooms on all floors
  • Door entry audio video intercom,
  • HD IP CCTV camera system
  • Fire & security system network integration and remote diagnostics
  • Heating and cooling system control
  • Integrated home automation and simple touchscreen based building management


As part of the design team, working with the M&E team, the electrical contractors, heating engineers, blind and curtain installers, as well as with the main contractor and surveying team, we presented to the clients themselves.

The basement level continued from its original development as a “chill out” zone, adjacent to a gym, indoor pool and spa.

The cinema room adjacent provided a real need for a fully co-ordinated design.

Air-conditioning ducts, supportive steelwork, a floor to ceiling balcony window with integrated blinds and a signature lighting detail designed to be “a galaxy of planets” on the screen wall, this took time and negotiation to deliver the final results.

Preparation of the room was complex, with the reveal of the invisible cinema system designed to be subtle, but dramatic…

Cinema - assemble!

The hidden SONY native 4K projector deploys from a ceiling mounted Future Automation drop lift, the Stewart Cinema Screen timed to drop at exactly the right time that the projector lights up.

The 150 inch screen covers the lighting detail, dropping inside the bespoke cabinetry.

The Control4 system allows the user to drop the side masks, allowing both Widescreen and full Cinemascope movies to be viewed, as the director intended, in the correct ratio.

All in 4K, the Bluray player and Apple TV are housed in the AV rack (hidden, next to the wine cellar, across the hallway) and connects the projector to the DENON AV amplifier via 4K Blustream HD video link

...shake the room!

The 7.1 channel TRIAD speaker system is accommodated in the ceiling as wall mounted artwork, the full height window and doors limited the positions possible within the design of the room.

With fully angled speaker baffles, installed with laser guided speaker positioning (yes, literally), the side and rear satellites and front monitors deliver superb levels of detail and a real immersive feel to the room.

With a DENON high power AV receiver, and a Velodyne DD12 subwoofer (in a subtle ebony finish) delivering an amazing bass soundtrack to the movie, this room has generated a number of smiles and thumbs up since it has been demonstrated.

House management...

Big houses need staff, and a helping hand.

With internal staff quarters, with a lounge and two bedrooms and bathrooms, it was anticipated that the property would need to be simple to control and easy to secure once sold.

In advance of it’s sale, under the control of a nominated Building Management company, there is full integration of the Heatmiser underfloor heating and Daikin air-conditioning systems across the different areas and floors, whole house lighting scene, and remote access for the CCTV system and security alarms.

Via the Control4 4Sight app, the whole house can be set up and comfortable in a matter of seconds.

Welcome - one and all

On arrival, the Lutron Homeworks lighting keypads at the entrance light a pathway through the house. Integration with the Control4 home automation system turns on audio to the main key rooms and sets the TV screens to a favourite channel.

Control4 touchscreens across the property allow precise adjustment for comfort, CCTV cameras viewing, audio and video selection of the whole house HQ audio & HD video entertainment system in independent rooms as well as an intercom between screens and the entrances to the property.

This way, remote management or local staff can set up the home for arrival at a moment’s notice touchscreens for control and intercom from the entrances.

Gallery - courtesy of EJS Photography