West London Bachelor Pad

Introduced by another happy client (family connections), this client was purchasing a property where the cabling had already been planned and installed before we were involved.

With a demanding brief including automation of a large screen TV, integration with Lutron lighting control (which had already been installed) and Heatmiser heating control, as well as HD distribution of Sky and Apple TV sources from a ground floor cinema zone across the house, the first job was to survey and check the existing cabling, and build a solid relationship on site with the existing electrical contractors and main contract project manager.

Technology to talk about...

From a full cable survey, a labelled cable schedule and retrospective system design were prepared in two days, along with a proposal for the equipment and any remedial cabling that was required to accommodate the integration required.

With a 65in screen, working on a hinged lift in the basement kitchen / dining area, an assessment of the wall and a design to ensure the TV deployed correctly and didn’t crease the very expensive curtains when fully back on the wall was an early priority.

Using a Future Automation mount with smooth and quiet motors, the effect when the TV comes to life, with the integrated sound bar below is exactly what the client wanted ultimate bragging rights in front of his friends. He was right when it came to the TV, bigger was better!

Simple control

In the gym on the basement level, the Control4 system calls up Sky HD to watch whilst on the running machine, or a few more BPMs for a free weight session from the in-ceiling speakers.

SkyHD and access to movies and music via iTunes and local Apple TVs is available to the master bedroom, with in-ceiling speakers for audio in the adjacent ensuite for a relaxing bath. Perhaps Handel’s Water Music…or more likely, Smoke on the Water.

Home & away

With the Lutron lighting system already in place and nearing commissioning stage, working with the electrical contractor allowed us to share the programme.

This meant we are able offer integration options to the systems. In the media room, the lights dim when Play is pressed on the local remote control, and raising again when Pause is pressed

Lighting to the kitchen links to make a path of light down to the kitchen fridge for another beer, or fresh popcorn.

With Control4, the house can be checked from anywhere, worldwide, via a Wifi connection.

Further integration with Heatmiser heating can be controlled when out of the property, ensuring a warm welcome arriving back from skiing in Switzerland or a weekend in the country, shooting and karting.