"A house is a machine for living in."

The modern smart home is a machine we understand

Le Corbusier was right.

Our architecture & interior design clients know we are a specialist subcontractor that they can depend on.

We offer RIBA and BIID approved Continuing Professional Development courses is a great way to make a mutual connection with our design practices.

To ask for a CPD meeting at your practice, or explore how CPD is available via video conferencing, use our contact form (at the bottom of this page…)

"...the integration of it all..."

Many of our installs start with single questions, about single systems…

“Can you improve the Wi-fi coverage in our client’s new home?…”

“How do you send audio to different rooms?”

“How does the cabling run when installing lighting control?”

"...fit with the overall look and feel"

After working with us, our design colleagues trust us to deliver

…including happy clients, by building an understanding of the needs and how the eventual system will work.

This is our first step in delivering a great, user-friendly system that will be enjoyed for years to come.

...add touches of “techno-luxury”

The AV secrets in the best projects:

  • Using lighting control, the mood of the interior changes throughout the day, automatically.
  • The formal lounge becomes a cinema for a movie night, at the touch of a button.
  • Integrated speakers that no one notices until the music plays.
  • Centralised AV, IT and controls all hidden from view, in custom cabinetry

Design-led, useful technology

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